Monday, 21 December 2009

Christmas comes early to El Medano!

Well with this month of December we have been blessed with South Winds here in Medano.

These winds come in from the opposite direction than normal over here so we have perfect cross offshore winds and normally flat water perfect for those learning to gybe, a bit of speed or for you freestyle guys out there. So we have had a week of South Winds last week varying in strength from 8.5 all the way down to 4.1.

I have had some great fun out there learning how to freestyle again though I can say I am impressed by what every one is doing now after getting out there and trying some things.

Every once in a while though we are blessed with a bit of south swell in these conditions as well turning Medano into a perfect cross offshore wave beach. On this day it just happened that I had it off so here is how my day went.

I woke up to Adam calling me telling me there is waves and I should get down there quickly to go surfing. So after running down the beach I ended up on the water at La Puntita (a spit of reef at the far end of the beach) about 10:15 the wind had started to pick up a bit but the surfing was still good with some head high sets coming through. After 2 hours of surfing I walked back to the centre to see the wind had filled in a bit more. So by 12:30 I was out there ripping it up on my 4.1 Goya Eclipse and my 75l Quatro Rhythm. After having a great day sailing with all the guys around I came in to get some food at about 3. 2 hours later I had been well fed and had a quick nap and then went surfing again till it got dark around 6:30 as the wind had dropped again.

Coming off the water I was totally knackered but one of the most fun days here in Medano. Check out a couple of pictures below.

The forecast is for more south winds right through Christmas so we shall hope we get some more waves.



Thanks to Johnny for the pictures
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