Sunday, 5 April 2009

OTC Closure!!

Hey Guy's

Sorry for the lack of updates recently we have been having a few problems out here in tenerife with the centre. The police came down yet again to the centre about two weeks ago saying that we needed to get one more piece of paper but until we had it we could not be open. Well after everything that has happened before and how long it took us to sort it out last time this was not a good moment.
So we set about getting back open as quick as possible. I can now gladly say that we are open again as of Wednesday, and the future looks good for no more hassles. The police were really apologetic and said this was the last thing so lets hope they stick to their word or we are going to have to bring in the heavies.

Luckily while the centre was closed there was not to much wind so nothing really got disrupted though we couldn't go windsurfing there was a competition coming up so we needed to keep fit so we have been doing quite a bit of mountain biking out here. I have put a few clips together quickly so here they are of the Park in making behind Medano. Check out the legendary saying on Darren's first run of the day at the end of the video.

Right well I will be back with an update soon as we have just finished the Competition here this weekend so will fill you in on my performances very soon.