Saturday, 21 March 2009

Hello everyone,

The wind has dropped a bit for the next couple of days allowing us to clean up the centre, and get it in a clean state again, after a really busy week last week. The shop Solent Sailboards from Calshot were out here enjoying a nice week in some wind and sun. It didn’t blow hard really but they managed to get out almost everyday, which is pretty good going. Then on the no wind day we enjoyed an amazing trip to the Siam Park. Hopefully there will be a few videos to follow on that. I would just like to say from all the staff (including Stitch) here at the centre it was a pleasure having you out here yet again. Hopefully we will be seeing you back next year or some of you again this year.

Well as I have said before we have not had much wind in the way of wave sailing out here but we have had a few freestyle days.  Not really much to say about them they were a bit of fun. Don’t really enjoy doing to much freestyle for a sustained period of time as it really hurts my ankles and knees. God knows how the pro guys can keep at it for so long. I have almost got a new move for myself called the toad. It actually isn’t that hard if done off a small wave just the landing, which is the hard part.

Well here as promised are a few photos. I hope you enjoy them. Check back soon for more updates.



Pics By: Simon Crabtree
Thanks A lot 

Sunday, 15 March 2009


Hi Guys,

It has been going really well out here the at the moment other day we had 21 people out on the water which is really good to see again. We have also had a reasonable amount of wind the last week, though unfortunately not strong enough for waves but there has been plenty of freestyle to be had so some pictures will be put up soon.

This little update for all you readers is about the Carnival! This is held in Santa Cruz every year and is basically a massive party in fancy dress. Every year there is a general theme but most people do not take notice of this, this year it happened to be about horror unfortunately we did not stay to this theme. Normally all the guys go as drag and all the women stick to the general theme, so this is what we did. Well combined with Tris's 30th birthday it was a very entertaining night! 

The only way I could explain this event is if you imagine London, and then every street you turn down is packed with people so tight that you can not even walk down them, and everyone, I mean everyone! Is in fancy dress.  To picture this event you kind of just have to be there so I have put a few pictures so you can make your own mind up and I thought you may find it entertaining. Though if you are ever in Tenerife towards the end of February then you have to go.

I will apologize if the photo's offend you but we thought it would be pretty funny to dress up quite badly as drag, it was also very cheap ha ha. Well enjoy.


Monday, 9 March 2009

Short Boom Cam Clip

Hi Guys/Girls

Sorry I have not updated my blog in a while but we have had a reasonable amount of things going on out here. This will all follow in the next few updates. I do warn you though some things you may see might be disturbing if you don't like guys dressing in drag badly. More of that to come in the next update, along with the goings on at the OTC this time of year.

Well onto what I have for you today, it is of course the one and only Sam Neal a fellow competitor from the UK. Who if you have visited recently, will have met him helping us out at the centre on busy days, and generally shredding out on the water. He is out here for a bit of a training holiday and has recently been away to Jeri and Cape Town, so he is sailing pretty well. I have put together a very short video of him just doing a few flaka's on the Go-Pro Hero Cam that some one brought down for us to try out. Unfortunately it was not windy enough to try it in the waves, maybe next time. It is a pretty cool piece of kit and can even put it on your board. The guys round here are using it a lot for mountain biking so I might try and get a bit of footage of that to put up later on.

Sam is Sponsored by:
JP Australia
FC Watersports
Pryde Group UK

Right then guys check back in the next few days for some more updates.