Monday, 30 November 2009

Goya Boards, Sails and Quatro Boards now in at the OTC

Hi Guys

Well we have been having pretty steady winds here in El Medano around 5.3 to 7.0m Days the past week up until the last few days where it has taken a break. The future is bright though with tomorrow forecasting 18kt on windguru we may be in for a couple of 4.2 days. Well lets hope so.

If the forecast is looking good and you want to try some new kit then I suggest you get out here we have recently received a whole host of new Boards and Sails from Goya and Quatro just ready to be tested by you. For a full list of all the 2010 stuff we currently have in check out

Hopefully see you out here soon. I will let you know how the wind is the next few days.



  1. Hi Graham - Now you've got your new sponsors are you selling any older kit, i was particulary thinking about the white board with the large fanatic log on the front

  2. hi! have you had the possibility to test the quatro tempo vs. quatro quad? which seems to be the more allround waveboard?


  3. Hi I do have some kit for sail but unfortunately that board is not for sale currently. If you want to send me an email to then if I do decide to sell I can let you know. The board is not in the best condition at the moment so it is off to be repaired.