Wednesday, 2 June 2010

I am Back

Hello All,

Ok it may of seemed I have disappeared out here pretty recently but I am back.

To be honest not a lot has been happening out here. The wind gods have sent through a bit of wind over the last few months but nothing to shout about.

I have just got a new camera and laptop so I will be keeping everyone updated with some short movies of my sessions. I have one I am preparing right now from a 30 min session is south bay so watch out for that.

In the mean time you might of read the news on boardseeker about the competitions in the UK which I managed to come 5th Place in at Ireland. I am really happy with this result even if the conditions were not that good hopefully it will be a bit of a building block to get better on this year and get into the top 4 or 3 this year in the overall. We shall have to see.

See you soon.


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